New Product Release: RPM Super Rock Rey Front Spindle Set

The genius minds at RPM have been hard at work again, this time solving a durability issue with the Losi Super Rock Rey. The new spindles feature reinforced steering arm ribs that triangulate further into the the spindle than stock, increasing strength in this high stress area and reducing the chances of breakage. Additional support material has been added around the axle bearings for more strength and to help distribute the force transferred through the axle during a crash.

Adding to the aesthetic appeal of the spindle, RPM has redesigned the brake caliper mounts for a cleaner, more refined appearance while also reducing their mass. Further weight reduction is achieved by replacing the stock 4mm king pin retaining screws with significantly lighter 3mm versions, saving 4g of unsprung weight overall, 2g per side. Best of all, this weight savings comes with no compromise in strength.

Like all RPM products the Super Rock Rey spindle set is designed and manufactured in the USA and carries the same Limited Lifetime Warranty against breakage.

RPM also includes a tip for further reducing unsprung weight from the front of the Super Rey:

“Unsprung weight can be reduced by as much as an additional 2 grams simply by replacing the six M3 x 10mm cap heads screws securing the calipers to the caliper mounts with M3 x 8mm buttonhead screws (not included). Alternately, leaving the caliper plates and calipers off entirely will net an even larger unsprung weight-savings gain (at the cost of scale appearance).”

73402 - Front Spindle Set for the Losi Super Rock Rey
73402 - Front Spindle Set for the Losi Super Rock Rey

Item #73402


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