New Product Release: 1/8 Victory S3 Front/Rear 35/85 2.4″ Belted Tires, Mounted on 14mm Hex Grey Wheels

1/8 Victory S3 Front/Rear 35/85 2.4" Belted Mounted Tires, 14mm Gray: Vendetta

Vendetta owners looking to up their on-road handling and top speed stability look no further than these new Victory tires from Pro-Line. Conveniently pre-mounted to 14mm hex wheels, these belted tires have large center tread blocks for lower rolling resistance while large circumferential grooves provide directional stability. Large angled shoulder tread blocks move debris away from the center tread allowing the tire to find traction even on dusty or less-than-perfect surfaces. These tires are molded from Pro-LIne’s soft-yet-durable S3 compound and have a maximum speed rating of 80mph or 8000rpm. A word from Pro-Line regarding this rating is as follows:

“Please note these tires have a maximum speed rating that, if exceeded, could result in permanently damaging the internal belt. For the Victory 35/85 tires that means 80 mph or about 8000 RPM. Over revving your tires could result in breaking the internal belt, which will NOT be covered under warranty. This can be caused by “diffing out” your tires or holding the throttle open while one, two, or three of your tires are stopped, which substantially increases the RPM sent to the free-spinning tire or tires.”

Item #1020410