New Product Release: JConcepts 1966 Chevy C10 Step-Side Drag Body

New from the folks at JConcepts is this stunning 1966 Chevy C10 Step Side body for “street eliminator” converted SC trucks. Combining the classic looks of the square body Chevy pickup with the modern look of a Street Eliminator drag build, the JC body body includes everything needed to transform your run-of-the-mill SC truck into a quarter-mile taming beast.

The body features the unmistakable large grille up front and a smoothed tailgate in the rear. The step side bed has extra room molded in to accommodate most drag tires and the wing is a two-piece unit that attaches to both the bed and tailgate area for stability. Adding to the options for the body is a removable rear roll bar that can be attached for a more tube chassis appearance or removed for a stock-ish look. The body has a wheelbase of 13″ to fit most standard SC trucks and has a front width of 11.75″ and a rear width of 12″ for use with narrowed “street eliminator” style builds.

Item# 0373


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