New Product Release: JConcepts Sprinter SCT tire

Coming soon from the fine Floridian folks at JConcepts are the new Sprinter SCT tires for short course dirt oval and loose surfaces that may be wet or dusty. According to JConcepts the Sprinter “has square, angled pins that are stacked vertically to flex and fold evenly across the tire.” This allows the tire to have excellent forward bite while still allowing rotation in the corners for a snappy fell all while wearing at a slower rate thanks to the stacked tread design.

The Sprinter was engineered with the latest generation of mid-motor laydown transmission trucks in mind and features a specifically designed outer sidewall with angled pins that optimize the transition from corner exit to forward motion. “Horizontal traction bars” connect several pins near the center of the tire into one larger shape that allows the tire to push at higher speeds, reducing the chances of a spin and making the truck easier to drive near the limit.

Available in blue (soft) and green (super-soft) compounds, the Sprinters are sold in pairs and come with Dirt Tech closed cell inserts.


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