New Product Release: Losi Mini-T 2.0 RTR 1/18 Stadium Truck

Losi has taken a clean slate approach to the all new Mini-T 2.0 while still paying homage to the larger 22T on which it is patterned after. Gone are the days of all-plastic chassis’, NiMH batteries and 5-wire servos and instead the new truck includes an aluminum chassis plate, a 650mAh 2s LiPO, and an oversized Spektrum 3-wire servo. The shocks are now threaded 7mm “big bore” units and the suspension design is taken directly from the 22T. The tires are scaled-down versions of the 1/10 BK Bars, whose namesake is the late, great Brian Kinwald. The aluminum chassis is set up for a mid-motor configuration and the transmission is fitted with a slipper clutch. Spinning that slipper is a 47t brushed motor that receives juice from the LiPO via a waterproof 20a combination ESC/RX. With the exception of the bellcranks the truck is fitted with ball bearings on everything that spins. The race inspired body is available in three trim schemes and race-style dish wheels round out the aesthetics. The truck is truly ready-to-run and includes a USB charger for the LiPO battery and AAA batteries for the transmitter.

Water Proof Electronics
Servo Saver
BK Bar Tires with Dish Wheels
2.4GHz Transmitter and Receiver
USB Charger
7.4V 2S 650mAh 20C Li-Po Battery


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