New Product Release: Maclan Racing DRK 10,000mAh 2s6p Drag Race Battery

Maclan Racing are once again upping the ante in the world of No Prep drag racing with their new 10,000mAH 2s6p 200c Graphene Extreme battery pack. This pack is stuffed with top-quality cells and features massive 8awg battery wires and a QS8 plug for lower resistance. The pack has a lower internal resistance for more consistent, higher voltage during a run compared to other lithium packs. Like many new batteries designed for drag racing the DRK 10,000mAh pack is of the LIHV variety with a maximum nominal voltage of 7.6v. While having the outward appearance of a brick the pack only measures in at 100x61x46mm and weighs 540g.

Item #MCL6035