New Product Release: Pro-Line 1/7 Pre-Cut 1997 Ford F-150 Trophy Truck Clear and Riviera Black Bodies

Arrma Mojave owners now have a semi-classic blue-oval option to dress up their large trophy truck bashers in the form of Pro-Line’s new 1997 F-150 1/7 Trophy Truck body that is available in either clear or a pre-finished black Riviera paint scheme. The oversized fends extend to cover the full tread of the tires while the trimmed nose mates perfectly with the upper edge of the stock bumper. A detailed bed cage section is molded in and is flanked on either side by large number plate boards. Large cutouts are found where the windshield and side windows would normally be found, furthering the scale appearance while also forcing air into the chassis to keep the electronics cool. Each body is designed to work in conjunction with the Mojave’s stock roll cage, interior and roof skids (not included). Like all Pro-Line bodies these new Ford’s are molded in crystal clear Lexan and includes a detailed decal sheet and paint-then-peel overspray film.