New Product Release: Pro-Line Axis and Sector Light Weight Bodies For The Team Associated RC10B7

We here at have made it no secret that we love the Pro-Line Axis body style and have used it on numerous projects including our Slash 4×4 1/8 buggy conversion, our Tamiya TL01B resto-mod as well as our Slash 4×4 LCG conversion project. In each instance the body provides copious amounts of steering and helps to balance downforce between the front and rear of the chassis. Pro-Line has brought that familiar styling to the new Team Associated RC10B7 race chassis and for drivers needed more steering while racing on super-high bite carpet or turf this is a welcome release. The Axis places the angular cab farther forward placing more downforce on the nose of the car while smoothing the air as it approaches the included Air Force 7′ clear wing.

Released alongside the Axis is the Sector, a new lightweight body for racers that favor stability over ultra-nimble (read: twitchy) handling. Side bite is also improved thanks to the shape of the side pods combined with how air is channeled around the greenhouse and toward the included Air Force 7″ wing. The Sector places the cab slightly further rearward than the Axis, reducing air pressure over the nose which gives the car a locked in feel on faster, flowing tracks. Both bodies arrive clear, are covered in Paint-Then-Peel overspray film, include detail decals and are proudly manufactured in the USA.

Item #PRO365125 Axis RC10B7 Body

Item #PRO365025 Sector RC10B7 Body