New Product Release: Pro-Line Axis SC Body Shell

Short course body shell technology just took a large stride forward with the release of the new Pro-Line Axis SC body shell. Designed to fit standard short course chassis such as the Slash 2wd/4×4, Associated SC6.1, TLR 22SCT and SCTE as well as Pro-Line’s own Pro Fusion SC 4×4, the Axis focuses on lowering the center-of-gravity of the truck while also managing airflow around and through the shell. Large cutouts in the rear allow air to escape as the truck launches into the air while large fender openings afford more tire clearance when the body is slammed as low as it can go. Further lowering the center-of-gravity is a cab-forward greenhouse topped by a lowered roofline that leads to vertical stabilizing number boards that work to keep the truck pointing in the right direction. The high downforce nose and bed area plant the chassis making the Axis the perfect choice for indoor clay and carpet tracks.

Item# 3559-00