New Product Release: Pro-Line Badlands MX57 Tires Mounted on 24mm Hex Raid Wheels

1/6 Badlands MX57 Front/Rear 5.7" Tires Mounted 24mm Black Raid (2)

The most versatile off-road tire in RC is now available for X-Maxx and Kraton 8s owners with the release of Pro-Line’s new Badlands MX57 premounted tires. Each of the behemoths measures in at 8.35″ tall and a 3.72″ wide for go-anywhere-and-over-anything levels of traction. The large MX style lugs are siped to conform to terrain more efficiently without sacrificing stability. The outer tread blocks are single units for better cleanout of debris while the center tread is doubled up for paddle-like roosting capability. The tires are premounted to 24mm hex Raid wheels in a gloss black finish and are supported by open cell foams for a balance of squish and support.

Item #10198-10 Badlands MX57 Tires Mounted on 24mm Hex Raid Wheels

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