New Product Release: Pro-Line Big-Bore Scaler Shocks (90-95mm)

Are you looking to replace your stock, leaky, not-so-great-anymore and honestly worn out stock shocks? Pro-Line has just the shock for you in these new Big Bore Scaler Shocks. The new dampers feature nearly 11mm bore aluminum bodies with a single lower X-Ring seal for smooth leak free performance. CNC pieces abound on these dampers including the bodies, upper and lower caps and preload collars, while the shock shafts are chrome coated steel for long-lasting performance.

New, one-piece dual-rate springs are standard equipment, providing not only scale looks but also scale performance. Optional softer and firmer dual-rate springs are available in the Big Bore Scaler Shock Spring Assortment (6343-02). Optional +5mm lower shock eyelets are included to adjust overall shock length and held to the eyelets are captured lower spring perches. Finally the icing on the cake: these dampers are pre-built and only require being filled with oil before installation!


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