New Product Release: Pro-Line Dumont Paddle Tires (Premounted) For Arrma Mojave and 1/8 Monster Trucks

Pro-LIne’s Dumont paddle tire is now available in two new sizes to fit the Arrma Mojave (10189-10} as well as 1/8 MT’s (10192-00} and are pre-mounted for simple out-of-the-bag-and-on-to-the-truck convenience. The new split v-shaped paddle design maximizes forward bite in sand and snow and the Pro-Line logo is imprinted into the tread for added style. The 10189-00 model (for the Mojave) are mounted on stock Mojave wheels while the MT Dumonts are affixed to 8×32 Removable hex Raid 17mm wheels.

Dumont Paddle Tires For The Arrma Mojave
Dumont Paddle Tires For 1/8 MT

Dumont Paddle Tires Arrma Mojave:

Dumont Paddle Tires For 1/8 MT:

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