New Product Release: Pro-Line Pre-Mounted MT Tires and Pre-Cut Brute Bash Armor body for E-Revo

The dog days of summer have not slowed Pro-Line down at all! This month’s releases are aimed at 1/8 MT and truggy owners looking for some fresh rubber or a new tough-as-nails body.

First up are the Badlands MX38 3.8″ all-terrain tires mounted on Raid black 8×32 removable hex 17mm wheels. The tires are the same aggressive motocross style meats that have proven themselves on multiple styles of terrain, while the Raid wheels are new to the equation. The removable hex allows the wheel to be saved in the case of a stripped hex and also facilitates changing the wheel’s offset without have to buy an entirely new wheel.

Up next are the Trencher X 3.8″ all-terrain tires, now mounted on Raid 8×32 removable hex wheels. The classic wide carcass look of the Trencher is now available in a convenient pre-mounted package. The Trencher X’s wide H-patterned center tread offers excellent forward traction as well as lateral stability while its tall overall height adds the ground clearance needed to tackle any terrain.



For those who do their bashing on the streets, Pro-Line has the Road Rage 3.8″ tires, now available pre-mounted to the Raid 8×32 removable hex wheels. The Road Rage tires offer unmatched grip in all directions with their large center tread blocks and directional, angled, tread blocks that lead to the low-profile sidewall. While shorter than the all-terrain offerings, the Road Rage’s still look like steam rollers, being 2.72″ wide.


Rounding out the quartet of tires are the Sling Shot 3.8″ rollers, aimed at those who love to play in the sandbox. The 11 full width paddles give unmatched forward traction and the low roll outer sidewalls prevent folding of the carcass during hard launches. The Sling Shots work equally well in snow and some types of mud, expanding your RC playing season to a year round affair. Like the other tires mentioned above the Sling Shot 3.8’s are now available mounted to Raid 8×32 removable hex wheels.


Finally, Pro-Line is now offering the Brute body for the Traxxas E-Revo 2.0 molded in the Bash Armor material. While the Bash Armor material is twice as thick as traditional polycarbonate, it is also extremely flexible to handle impacts without cracking. According to Pro-Line, the body is “designed to be the toughest that [we] have ever produced.” Unlike polycarbonate, the Bash Armor material is white and not paintable, so Pro-Line includes an extensive decal sheet to add detail to the body.


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