New Product Release: Pro-Line Reaction+ HP Belted Slick Tires and Showtime+ Wide SC Wheels

Go big or go home! Pro-Line’s new Reaction+ HP Belted drag slicks are just the ticket to get your car down the road, err the strip, more consistently, even under less than ideal conditions. A new, wider herringbone belt is molded into the carcass to provide maximum stability and eliminate ballooning at speeds up to 90mph (7,000rpm). The new tire is 20% wider than the original Reaction HP and does not fit standard size SC wheels, rather the tire is designed to work in conjunction with new wide wheels such as the Showtime+ SC wheel featured below. The Reaction+ HP tire is molded from Pro-Line’s famous S3 compound that took the win and the top 4 spots at the 2021 King Of The Streets. Supporting the tires are standard gray open-cell foam inserts and each are sold in pairs.

Wide Herringbone Belt Molded In To The Carcass
Mounted On New Showtime+ Wheels

To compliment the wider Reaction+ HP tires are new Showtime+wheels, molded in a menacing black. The standard 2.2″/3.0″ bead diameters are found front and back as expected but an additional mounting bead has been added to the rear of the wheel to allow the mounting of standard width SC tires or the wider “+” variants. Twelve millimeter hexes and a standard offset allows mounting on the Losi 22S No Prep car, Associated DR10, Traxxas Slash 2wd or the Traxxas Slash 4×4 F/R.

Dual Mounting Beads To Suit Standard or “+” Width Tires
Standard 12mm Hexes

Reaction+ HP Wide Belted Drag Slick #10188-203

Showtime+ Wide Drag 2.2″/3.0″ Wheels #2794-03

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