New Product Release: Pro-Line Trencher 1/6 Trencher 5.7″ All-Terrain Tires Mounted On 24mm Raid 6×48 Removable Hex Wheels

Pro-Line’s ubiquitous Trencher tread pattern is now available for large scale enthusiasts with the release of the Trencher 5.7″ tire. conveniently mounted on black 24mm Raid 6×48 removable hex wheels. Molded from the soft yet long wearing M2 compound these tires offer a massive bump in traction without sacrificing tread life. The looser the surface the better the Trencher will bite and excels in rocky, rooted, mixed terrain; much like what is available in every backyard in the country. Replaceable hexes are a huge bonus as a stripped hex will no longer leave you with a ruined wheel. Direct fit hexes for the Arrma Kraton 8s as well as the Traxxas X-Maxx are included (two of each) as are 16 M3x16 BHCS fasteners that are needed to assemble the wheels.