New Product Release: Pro-Line Trencher 2.2″ Rock Terrain Truck Tires

Pro-Line’s most popular tread patter is now available for 2.2″ rock racers and crawlers with the release of the new Trencher 2.2″ Rock Terrain Tire. The taller, wider size fit the scale of larger rock racers and crawlers better than smaller 1.9″ tires and the larger size offers a significant bump in performance both in contact patch and differential clearance. Multiple levels of tread height and advanced siping allow the tread to grab the rocks with authority without becoming unstable or feeling “squirmy”. Pro-Line includes white open cell foam inserts to support the sidewalls while also allowing the tire to conform to the rocks. The new tires measure in at 5.75″ tall and 2.27″ wide and are molded in either the G8 or Predator compounds.

Item #10191 Link:

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