New Product Release: Redcat Racing Gen8 Scout II AXE Edition

Coming soon from Redcat Racing is the Gen8 Scout II AXE Edition (henceforth referred to as the AXE). Building upon the popular Gen8 Scout II RTR, the AXE includes a plethora of minor chassis and suspension upgrades, a new topless Scout body and an impressive electronics package that includes a first-for-its-class brushless power system.

The first run of Gen8 models suffered from bump-steer caused by incorrect geometry between the servo horn, steering link and panhard rod. This has been remedied with the AXE thanks to it its new servo horn that corrects the angle from the servo end. Similar to the original Gen8 this horn is made of aluminum. The updated axle housings feature double shear lower shock mounts to prevent the shock screw from tearing out due to impact. The dampers are the same threaded body aluminum oil-filled units seen on the original Gen8. An aluminum upper brace connects the shock hoops in the front for reduced flex, replacing the plastic piece found on earlier Gen8’s.

The AXE includes several drivetrain upgrades for increased durability. Stronger drive cups for the constant velocity axles are included to better handle the stress placed upon the joint during full-lock steering. At the end of the axle housings reside new thicker outer portal hubs that will resist breaking or deflecting during an impact. Speaking of the portals, the reduction gears are now more robust while the transmission and transfer case gears are all steel Mod1 pieces for a rock-solid drivetrain.

Gen8 fans will be happy to see the “belly bump” of the center skid is gone and instead replaced with a flatter skid plate. Redcat also slightly tweaked the upper link mount location for an improved angle of the upper links.

Chassis changes aside, the AXE now features a topless Scout II body shell with interior detail and a separate roll cage. Attached to that cage is a fabric soft-top piece that is removable. Peeling back the top reveals new molded seats, a shifter, a molded dash and steering wheel. The back of the gauge cluster can be fitted with an LED for added night-time driving realism. From the beltline down the new body is the same as the hardtop Scout II seen before including its hook-and-loop fastening system that secures the body to the inner fenders.

Finally, the AXE’s most standout feature: the Hobbywing AXE brushless speed control and sensored brushless motor. The ESC is bluetooth compatible for easier setting changes when paired with the Hobbywing app (app and compatible mobile device not included). The speed control is fitted with a T-plug for simple battery selection and also includes a long sensor cable for easy routing. The motor is a 2300kV XERun unit in standard 540 size that features a 3.175mm shaft.

Providing the yank for the front tires is a Reefs 420 HD V2 high torque servo with 393 oz/in of torque at 6v and 422 oz/in at 7.4v. Inside the servo are titanium gears and said gears are supported by dual ball bearings. Like the ESC the servo is waterproof.

Redcat chose a very capable and functional radio system for the Gen8 AXE in the Flysky GT5 6-channel transmitter and receiver. Transmitter setting are easily changed on the large top mounted LCD screen while auxiliary switches are within easy reach of the trigger and wheel. The micro receiver fits inside the receiver box with ample room to spare allowing for the addition of other accessories later on such as a winch or light kit without things becoming too crowded.


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