New Product Release: Redcat Racing Lighting Kit for the Gen8 International Scout II

Redcat Racing have announced a new lighting kit for the Gen8 with the International Scout II body. The kit includes 16 LED’s for use in the headlights, tail lights, brake lights, reverse lights, and bumper lights. Included in the package are two LED wiring harnesses, one control box, two Y-harness extensions, four wire clips, double-sided mounting tape and an instruction manual.

According to Redcat Racing “The two main wire harnesses are designed to be a direct fit for the Gen8 International Scout II, resulting in a clean and tidy install.” The first of the two harnesses includes six white LED’s for the front and rear bumpers while the second harness features two red LED’s for the tail lights, two red LED’s for the brake lights, two white LED’s for the reverse lights, and six white LED’s for the headlights.

The brake lights can function in one of two ways and switching between said modes is made simple through the use of the included jumper caps. Once all of the LED’s have been installed there are two unused ports that be used to add additional lights.


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