New Product Release: Reedy Zappers DR HV-LiPO 6600mAh SQ Competition Drag Racing Battery

Offering a higher voltage capability than standard lithium batteries the new Reedy Zappers DR HV-LiPO battery is just the ticket for drag racers looking for the next performance advantage. Unlike standard LiPO batteries that can only be charged to 4.2v/cell this battery has a nominal voltage of 3.8v/cell and a maximum charged voltage of 4.35v/cell, Even in classes with a tech certified limit of 8.44v the DR battery can still be a performance advantage thanks to its flat discharge curve and ultra-low internal resistance. Five millimeter sockets (for battery connectors) are used to reduce resistance while its square profile (hence the SQ designation) offers a lower center of gravity than comparable LiPO packs.

Item #27378