New Product Release: RPM Body Savers for the Traxxas Rustler 4×4

Following in the footsteps of the previously released E-Revo 2.0 body savers, RPM have announced a new set for the Rustler 4×4 to address owners’ concerns over body breakage. The body savers tie together the two screws holding the mounting sub-frame to the body in each location, thus spreading the force over a larger area and reducing stress on each location. They even work if the bottom of the mounting holes have been damaged by a prior crash, saving a $60 body from meeting its demise at the bottom of a trash can. RPM’s engineers cleverly disguised the savers to blend in with the aesthetic of the truck, making the fronts look like hood vents and the rears look like sections of a roll cage Each kit includes four body savers, two fronts and two rears, and are designed to fit Traxxas #6717, 6717G and 6717R.

Item #80632


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