New Product Release: Team Associated Low Friction X-Ring Seals, Belted Drag Tires and Purple Springs

Team Associated’s Factory Team has announced the release of their new low friction X-rings for 1/8 buggy and truggy dampers. Molded from the same material as their 1:10 X-rings these new seals keep dirt at bay while reducing stiction between the shock shaft and seal. Sold in packs of eight each package includes enough X-rings for one vehicle. X-ring diff seals are also available for the 1/8 diffs using 5.8mm outputs.

Up next are a pair of upgrades for the DR10 platforms that includes belted rear slick tires and new 7lb 44mm purple shock springs. The belted tires are molded from a soft rubber compound that aids in traction on a variety of surfaces and is the standard 2.2″/3.0″ size. An overmolded polyester belt adds dimensional stability at high speeds for added consistency and control through the lights.

Finally the purple springs are stiffer than stock and can increase traction on smooth high-traction surfaces. The increased spring rate also slows any lateral movements for added high-speed stability.

Link to Low Friction X-Rings, part #81187 and diff seals #81498

Link to the Belted Drag Slicks, item #72109 and purple shock springs, item #72101