New Product Release: Team Associated RC10B74 4wd Buggy Kit

Coming soon from Team Associated is the RC10B74 1/10 4wd Buggy Kit. Designed to better compete on today’s artificial racing surfaces while also excelling on dirt, the B74 is packed with new features to take its performance to the next level.

At its foundation the B74 has a 2mm. hard-anodized 7075-T6 aluminum chassis that strikes a balance between improved flex characteristics over the B64 while still maintaining a low mass. Adding rigidity to the lower chassis is a 2.5mm graphite center bulkhead brace.

The new car includes a revised 7075-T6 steering rack that is supported by ball-bearings and features a 2.5mm graphite input arm for optimized Ackerman and adjustable steering rate. On the other side of the steering equation are new steering blocks with larger outer bearings and wider bearing spacing for more support and durability. The rear outer hinge pins are now captured by a screw head and a lock-nut to prevent the pin from backing out mid-race.

Like the 6 series of AE cars, the B74 incorporates quick-change differentials that also have height adjustability. The sealed gear differentials are housed in 7075-T6 aluminum bulkheads. The slipper clutch has been updated to allow the use of a center differential without changing the center bone length. The center driveline is now a CVA unit with aligned shafts for minimal torque loss and maximum efficiency.

The suspension on the B74 features quite a few new updates that not only improve durability and tunability but also reduce the need to carry a semi load of unique spare parts. The suspension arms have been optimized for better geometry and improved durability and are attached to 7075-T6 aluminum arm mounts that incorporate roll-center positioning inserts for fine tuning. The rear arms are now symmetrical and “allow for a ‘split’ rear shock mounting position” according to Team Associated. The sway bars are the same for the front and rear suspension, thus reducing the amount of tuning parts that need to be carried to the track. The new revised rear hubs feature modular ball-stud camber link mounts and axle height system for more precise roll-center adjustments.

Attached to the new suspension arms are Associated’s V2 12mm. aluminum threaded body shocks, The dampers have more stroke than previous units allowing for more droop and up-travel to better cope with jumping and landing. The kit includes machined shock pistons and X-ring seals for reduced friction. At the other end of the shocks are 4mm carbon fiber shock towers for increased stiffness and durability.

The motor mount and center bulkhead are machined from 7075-T6 aluminum for rigidity and more precise gear alignment. Speaking of machined aluminum, the caster blocks, servo mounts, and clamping wheel hexes are all made of the same 7075-T6 material.

Finally, the battery strap is made of 2.5mm graphite and features sliding support tabs to tune battery position and more securely hold 2s shorty packs.