New Product Release: TLR 22 5.0 DC Race Roller


Racers looking to shave time off of their build as well as their lap look no further than the new Team Losi Racing (TLR) 5.0 DC Race Roller. Pre-assembled with many option parts included out of the box, this car could be your express ticket to the podium.

Beginning with a 2.0mm milled aluminum chassis, the 5.0 DCRR features revised steering geometry, GenIII 12mm aluminum threaded body shocks, Variable Height Axle (VHA) adjustable rear axle carriers, a new battery hold down, Super Heavy Duty Slipper (SHDC) assembly, a front wing, 22 5.0 body and 6.5″ rear wing, an integrated motor fan mount, along with a full compliment of metric hardware. The laydown transmission features a sealed gear differential with adjustable diff height for optimized rear driveshaft angles no matter the selected ride height. New inner hinge pin blocks allow for more anti-squat and toe options in the rear while the front also has roll center adjustability.

Race Roller
Pre-Assembled to TLR team specifications
Milled 2.0mm Aluminum Chassis
Milled 2.0mm aluminum chassis
Laydown Configuration
Laydown transmission with SHDS assembly
Low Maintenance Gear Differential
Sealed gear differential
Diff Height Adjustment
Diff height adjustment
VHA Rear Hubs and Adjustable Inner Rear Pivots
Variable Height Axle (VHA) rear axle carriers
Revamped Steering Geometry
Revised steering geometry
Updated Battery Hold Down
Revised battery hold down
22 5.0 Body
22 5.0 DC body included (arrives clear)
TLR High Front Wing Included
High mount front wing
Built-In Motor Fan Mount
Built-in motor fan mount
G3 12mm Big Bore Shocks
GenIII 12mm Big Bore Shocks

Item #TLR03012