New Product Release: Traxxas 4-Tec 3.0 Corvette Stingray

Chevrolet’s stunning C8 Stingray is coming to the world of 1/10 touring cars, sort of. Traxxas’ new 4-Tec 3.0 platform, while touted as 1/10 is more than 15% larger than the 2.0 (which is similar in size to standard touring cars) and features a 32mm longer wheelbase and 8mm wider width. The wheels and tires are plus sized to match as well growing to 73mm in overall diameter, up from the industry standard 66mm. The 4-Tec’s growth spurt was done in an effort in to increase stability and handling ability.

While the new hotness C8 is a mid-engine rear wheel drive supercar killer, the 4-Tec 3.0 is an all-wheel-drive platform for stuck-like-glue traction and confident handling on most surfaces. The shaft drive drivetrain transfers power from the Titan 12t brushed motor into sealed front and rear differentials via a steel center shaft that is supported by a center carrier bearing. Gear mesh is set in fixed positions for simpler gear changes and perfect mesh every time. Adjustable oil-filled Ultra Shocks damp the ride at all four corners and feature all new shock caps that integrate hollow balls for improved articulation and durability. Optional high angle steering mounting points are molded into the steering knuckles and well as the bellcranks for increased steering lock. Droop screws are included and rest on molded-in bosses in the suspension arms while fixed links keep the camber and toe in check.

For electronics the 3.0 is equipped with the aforementioned Titan 12t 550 brushed motor, an XL-5 speed control, and a 2075 steering servo, all of which take their orders from a TQ 2.4gHz radio system. An adjustable battery strap holds the 7c NiMH or 2s LiPO firmly in place. Top speed is listed as 30+ MPH with the included high-speed pinion. Each electronic component is waterproof and the receiver is housed in a waterproof receiver box for all weather running.

Traxxas went all-out with the details on the Stingray body including injection molded detail inserts, LED ready lenses, factory replica wheels, brake calipers and discs, side view mirrors, LT2 engine bay detail and factory style paint colors. An innovative clipless body mount system preserves the sculpted lines of the Stingray body shell while making battery changes a breeze.