New Product Release: Traxxas Slash Mudboss 1/10 Dirt Oval RTR

Traxxas is poised to go dirt oval racing with their newest release, the Slash Mudboss. Based on the LCG Slash 2wd platform this new model features a host of performance upgrades and design changes that make it the raciest Slash 2wd yet.

Beginning with the chassis the Mudboss utilizes the LCG (low center of gravity) chassis first seen as an optional accessory and later included on some VXL models, this time in Traxxas’ light great blend of plastic. This chassis places the battery as low as possible for improved handling and less chassis roll; a trait that was originally designed into the HCG (high center of gravity) chassis as a scale feature. Traxxas clipless body mounts are found front and rear as well as their adjustable clipless battery strap. At the front of the chassis is a new front bumper and revised bulkhead, both of which serve to protect the chassis front direct impacts. The bulkhead incorporates additional strengthening webs that improve durability without adding a significant amount of mass to the nose of the car.

Taking a massive leap forward in the suspension department the Slash Mudboss includes a plethora of Heavy Duty components such as the suspension arms, caster blocks, steering blocks and rear hub carriers, each of which are molded from Traxxas’ special blend of nylon that helps eliminate race-ending breakages. The new caster blocks. steering blocks and rear hub carriers each have double shear mounting points for increased strength where the adjustable steel turnbuckles attach. A fiberglass tie-bar helps firm up the front suspension arms and aids in reducing stress on the front arm mounts. A new dual bellcrank steering system has been fitted that appears to be a carryover from the HCG Slash 4×4 and features an adjustable servo saver that will aid in extending the life of the included 2075 steering servo. The Slash Mudboss’ most eye-catching upgrade though is the inclusion of the aluminum threaded body GTR dampers with their titanium nitride coated shock shafts, each anodized in a complimentary color to the main paint scheme of the car. Inside the shocks are x-ring seals to reduce stiction while bladders inside the composite shock caps prevent aeration of the shock oil during use. Stiff blue rate springs are found at all four corners that help reduce steering and induce understeer, making the cars easier for new drivers to drive consistently.

Adding to the heavy-duty nature of the suspension is an equally beefy driveline setup. Beginning with the Magnum 272R transmission the Slash Mudboss is built tough and built to tune. Power is transferred into the new one-piece steel top shaft via a Revo spec slipper clutch assembly with three fiber slipper pads and two steel friction plates all supported by a rubber sealed ball bearing. Power makes its way through a steel idler gear and into the sealed gear differential, of which can be tuned with varying viscosities of oil depending on the track surface. New extra-heavy duty driveshafts send the power to the wheels while still allowing the most suspension travel possible without binding. Twelve millimeter wheel hexes are found at each corner, with thicker hexes on the front to compensate for the narrower track versus the rear. Wider offset wheels are also used in the front, similar to other Slash models.

Power for the Slash Mudboss comes from the new BL-2S brushless power system and it’s 3300kv motor, limiting users to only 2s power but providing a boost in power and reliability over the old XL-5/12t brushed combo. The BL-2s ESC is fitted with a TRX iD battery plug (battery sold separately) and features an aux port for powering Traxxas’ own cooling fan. Inside the waterproof receiver box is a 3-channel 2.4gHZ TQ receiver that takes its orders from a standard (non-bluetooth, non-TQi) transmitter. A standard sized, high torque 2075 steering servo keeps the front tires pointed in the right direction.

Rounding out the looks of the Slash Mudboss are officially licensed Hoosier angle block tires mounted on SC sized black chrome wheels. Inside the tire is a firm insert that allows the tire to retain its shape during hard cornering and keeps sidewall deflection and slip angles to a minimum. Each piece of the body is formed in flat panels making wrapping your favorite scheme a snap. Inside the shell is a driver figure molded from lexan with seatbelt and harness detail, and an interior cage that supports the roof and retains the body’s shape. The bodies are pre-printed in a choice of five colors: blue, orange, pink, red or green.