New Product Release: Xray SCX 1/10 Short Course 2wd Chassis

Xray have announced the release of their new 1/10 short course platform, officially dubbed the SCX. The truck is based on the 1/10 XT2 stadium truck and utilizes a 2.5mm machined Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum chassis plate that strikes a balance between structural rigidity and light weight. The chassis is black coated in house at Xray’s own coating line. Bent sides add stiffness to the long wheelbase chassis while milled areas precisely tune flex and reduce sprung mass. Side guards integrate into the chassis and incorporate the adjustable quick release battery system. The battery can be moved fore and aft and with the removal of the rear motor brace the battery can be moved further rearward for increased rear traction. The height of the battery strap is also adjustable for different size batteries.

Transferring the motors power to the wheels is a LCG transmission with a narrow housing and quick access to the diff for tuning and maintenance. The slim design of the transmission reduces weight and helps to centralize mass. The included gear box moves the motor forward for increased steering on high grip surfaces. Differential height is also adjustable; six positions are available using the included eccentric bushings. Finally the gear differential has been designed with increased fluid volume in mind for more consistency while keeping its profile very slim to fit into the narrow gear box and place the rotating mass closer to the center line of the chassis.

Keeping the front wheels pointed in the right direction is a dual-arm ball bearing steering system that incorporates eight high-speed bearings for reduced friction and increased precision. Steering Ackerman is selectable by changing the steering link mounting position on the steering plate. Bump steer is adjustable by varying the thickness and amount of shims placed between the steering block and linkage.

Front and rear suspension are fully adjustable and include different suspension holders to tune roll center. The rear suspension holder is also the mount for the anti-roll bar. Composite shock towers serve as a stable home for the big-bore threaded body Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum shocks. Spring collars as well as bleeder shock caps are also machined from the same material. Simple assembly and top-notch performance were the main emphasis when designing these dampers. Up-and-down travel is adjustable via composite shims while machined delrin pistons reduce friction inside the shock body. Specially designed HUDY spring steel turnbuckles can be found at all four corners, proving the utmost strength and maximum adjustability.