Adding Body Clips To Pro-Line Extended Body Mounts: No More Lost Caps

Back in the fall i purchased a set of extended body mounts from Pro-Line to mount a Parma Skool Bus body to my Stampede 4×4 to use in a program that i run for disabled children and on its maiden voyage two of the caps ripped out of the posts and i lost the caps and set screws. I took the mounts back off of the truck and packed them away in hopes that i could find a way to fix them. I recently bought the Pro Touring Silverado for my Slash 4×4 and since it needs extended mounts i figured this was as good a time as any to pull them back out and fix them. I use the rustler battery post mod to lower the body on my Stampede and figured that they would work well in this application as well. I bought two sets of TRA3727A’s since they come with the short posts (not the extended posts like the battery expansion kits come with) and epoxied them into place. The set screws that the Pro-Line mounts come with are a larger thread pitch than the battery posts so a little fast drying epoxy is needed to hold them in place. It is a simple mod and hopefully will hold up better than the set screw/cap system that Pro-Line uses (plus i hated the look of those caps on the body; they look like somebody sneezed on the drawing board and then drew the design around that). On to the pictures: