New Product Release: Pro-Line Avenger HP Belted 1/8 Buggy Tires Pre-Mounted to Mach 10 Wheels

Avenger HP S3 (Soft) Street BELTED 1:8 Buggy Tires Mounted

Pro-Line is now offering their Avenger HP Belted 1/8 tires pre-mounted for simple bolt on and go convenience. The internal herringbone weave belt prevents tire expansion for speeds up to 100 mph (or about 8,000 rpm of tire speed, over-revving the tire can cause damage to the belt). Each tire features a large center tread block for forward bite and slightly smaller, but still fairly chunky, shoulder blocks for lateral traction. Molded in Pro-Line’s soft S3 compound for a mix of great traction and long wear, the Avenger HP tires are now available mounted on black Mach 10 wheels. Sold in pairs, each set includes soft foam inserts and are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Item #9069-21