New Product Release: 5.7″ MT Tires Pre-Mounted on Raid 8×48 Removable Hex Wheels

For owners of large-scale car crushers looking for an upgrade in the traction, durability and appearance departments, look no further than Pro-Line’s latest offering of 5.7″ wheel diameter tires conveniently pre-mounted to their Raid 8×48 removable hex wheels.

First up in this trio of traction is the 1/6 Masher HP Belted tire that combines classic MT looks with modern day tire technology that will find traction on most any surface. The herringbone weave inner belt prevents ballooning, in itself a legitimate concern given the diameter of the tire combined with its hefty mass, and can even handle high speeds without losing its shape. The tread pattern is shallower than previous releases of the Masher for less tread bar folding during hard cornering or acceleration as well as less rotating mass. Each chevron is broken up into two distinct tread blocks that each have a scalloped center that grabs rough terrain with authority. As the tire wears the scalloped center becomes a solid block and slows the rate of tire wear allowing the tire to last as long as possible. Much akin to the other tires mentioned below the Masher HP is firmly mounted to Pro-Line’s Raid 8×48 Removable Hex wheels. Each wheel is molded in 2358 black (the only difference in this wheel and midnight is 2359…) and mimics the bolt pattern of modern HD trucks with its eight cap head screws used to attach the hex to the wheel. This also opens the door for damaged hex replacement as well as aluminum upgrades for the utmost in strength.

Up next is the motocross inspired Badlands MX57, featuring its tall, scalloped tread blocks and their traction enhancing sipes. The center tread blocks are molded in pairs for a wider “scoop” that is useful in extremely loose conditions such as sand, loam and mud. The outer tread blocks stand alone and are placed between the center rows for increased steering feel without causing traction rolling from overly aggressive shoulder or sidewall tread. This tire can find traction on any surface and despite its tall tread height does not fold over during hard cornering. Like the aforementioned Masher HP these tires are mounted to Raid 8×48 Removable Hex wheels and are a direct fit for the Traxxas X-Maxx, Arrma Kraton 8s and other large vehicles that utilize 24mm wheel hexes.

Rounding out this trio of Titanic tires is the Dumont, a split-paddle design tire that makes use of alternating rows of full and half paddles as well as the Pro-Line logo that leaves its mark in wet sand for all to see. Each paddle is scooped in two directions, no only along the x-axis (across the carcass of the tire) but also along the z-axis (the paddle is curved to create a forward facing scoop that aids in forward bite). These tires are equally at home running through snow in the winter as in sand in the summer with the added benefit of the tire becoming firmer in the cold temperatures, throwing snow without the tread flexing or providing an inconsistent driving feel. Drivers now have the option of simply removing the tires from the poly bag and bolting the wheels and tires onto their rig; no gluing and nothing else to buy.

5.7″ Masher HP Pre-Mounted Belted tires PRO1017611

5.7″ Badlands MX57 Pre-Mounted tires PRO1019811

5.7″ Dumont Pre-Mounted Snow/Sand Tires PRO1020211