New Product Release: Axial AX24 1/24 XC-1 4ws Crawler

Axial is returning to their roots in crawling, this time in 1/24, with the release of their new AX24 XC-1 mini size crawler. Compared to the SCX24 this new vehicle includes a host of changes that give it its own identity while also retaining some of the parts that make it an Axial 1/24.

In the column of new features the AX24 sports a new twin vertical plate (TVP) chassis that is very similar to the original AX10 as well as new longer dampers to reach out to the axles. Tall, 63mm tall Rock LIzards tires are mounted on beadlock-style wheels that are scaled down versions of the 1/10 pieces (hopefully they got the smell issue corrected). The XC-1 body is again a shrunken version of the original 1/10 shell which is held in place with hook-and-loop fasteners and is also hinged at the rear for simple battery changes. The body tucks into the rock sliders for reduced hang-ups on obstacles and those sliders also contain four rock lights to keep the fun going after dark. Four wheel steering adds a level of agility not seen on the SCX24 or other vehicles in this size class and can be operated in one of three modes. The first is normal, front-only steering which is selected by using the middle position of the SLT3’s 3rd channel button. Toggling the button down will select opposite steering for a traditional 4ws experience while selecting the up position will have the truck crab with both axles steering the same direction.

Pieces carried over from the SCX24 include the ESC/RX combo unit, the Dynamite 88t motor, the worm gear axles (although they do feature new servo mounts on the axle), the Dynamite 350mAh 2s lithium battery and the 0.5a USB charger.