New Product Release: JConcepts Smoothies SCT Tires

Off-road surfaces take on many different forms and in some instances those surfaces require out-of-the-box thinking in order to lay down the fastest lap times. Slick tires are often the fastest way around damp, tacky indoor clay tracks and now SCT racers can forgo sanding the tread from other tires to create slicks and simply mount a new set straight from the package thanks to JConcepts’ latest release: the Smoothie SCT. Available in either green or silver compounds these tires provide the maximum contact patch for unrivaled traction whether during acceleration, braking or turning. The rounded carcass allows the tire to roll with the chassis in turns, maintaining as much tread contact as possible, without sacrificing forward bite as the vehicles cycles through its suspension travel. The tires are supported by gray Dirt-Tech inserts which retain the tire’s shape even in high traction, high-load situations.