New Product Release: JConcepts Drop Step and Siren Pre-Mounted 1/10 Buggy Rear Tires

As carpet racing evolves, so too does the tire technology that allows racers to continually lower their lap times. JConcepts has been providing racers with a wide array of carpet/turf tires since the early days of carpet off-road racing and are expanding their lineup with two new pre-mounted options; the Drop Step (pictured above) and the Siren (shown below).

The Drop Down features taller pins for use on turf that has a longer shag, but also features a large hexagonal shaped base for pin stability and long life. Each row of pins is offset to create more edges, and therefore more surface area, providing more traction withing the deeper pile shag turf. These tires are molded in the standard 1/10 buggy 2.2″ size and in the new Pink medium soft compound while sidewall support is provided by open cell foam inserts.

Drop Step Part# 3059-101021

The Siren tire takes cues from the Nessi and is designed to offer more stability and forward bite; both necessities in carpet and turf racing. Semi-circle protrusions seen on the Lockness, the aforementioned Nessi and now the siren are found in the center of the carcass as well as the sidewall provide stability and side-bite while also reducing traction rolling. Molded in the medium-soft Pink compound, a new compound for JConcepts, these tires strike a balance between all-our, one-run-and-done grip and longevity. As in the Drop Step, the Siren is supported by open cell foam inserts and arrives pre-mounted to genuine JConcepts #3348 wheels.

Siren Pre-Mounts #4029-101021