New Product Release: Traxxas MAXX Slash 6s 4×4 Short Course Truck

Traxxas is bringing the size and strength of the MAXX to the world of short course with the introduction of the new MAXX Slash 6s 4×4. While comparable in size to the Unlimited Desert Racer the MAXX Slash is a racier, low-slung, clean sheet design that brings the beef without breaking the bank.

The MAXX derived drivetrain is built for abuse and with 6s power and a 2000kv 4276 sensorless motor power it’s going to need all the strength it can muster. Steel gear differentials are found front, rear and center and are filled with heavy oil to maximize traction, even on loose surfaces. The front and rear differentials feature module 1.25 steel gears while the center differential features and aluminum diff housing for not only added strength but also the ability to dissipate heat from the diff internals. A thick wall, splined aluminum driveshaft transfers power from the center diff to the front while hybrid steel core axle shafts spin the wheels with authority.

Providing the backbone for the MAXX Slash is an all-new, low center of gravity (LCG) chassis that is based around an “engineered truss design wrapped in a fighter jet aesthetic:”. Longer and lower than the MAXX MT, the MAXX Slash is designed for responsive handling and exceptional stability. Easy to use clipless battery hold-downs from the Sledge keep the single 6s or dual 3s worth of batteries secure. Ensuring the gear mesh doesn’t slip is a fixed mesh motor cradle that combines with partitions in the chassis that support the motor as well as retain its alignment with the spur gear. Proven tough MAXX bulkheads can be found bookending the chassis, providing a secure home for the steel gear diffs and a solid base for the MAXX style suspension.

The MAXX series has always been known for its plush, long-travel suspension and the MAXX Slash is no exception. Attached to the aforementioned MAXX bulkheads are thick, heavy-duty suspension arms molded in Traxxas’ cold weather plastic formula. Double shear connections reduce stress at the shock mount and extra support beams have been added to the center of each arm for the utmost strength and impact resistance. Extra large diameter GT MAXX aluminum body dampers are fitted with oversized shock shafts, double x-ring seals and are threaded for easy preload adjustments. The shocks are anodized to match each body’s main color for an added touch of style. Camber and toe are non-adjustable for reliability; no more cutting the fun short because of a broken or bent turnbuckle.

On the electronics side Traxxas didn’t pull any punches. Along with the 2000kv motor previously mentioned the MAXX Slash employs a waterproof VXL-6s ESC, a MAXX-spec 2090 285oz-in waterproof servo, all of which take their orders from a link-enabled TQi radio system. A sealed receiver box provides a safe home for the telemetry-ready receiver.

Rounding out the features of the MAXX Slash are what makes it look so good: the reinforced clipless body, the scale bumpers and the belted SC tires on SC style wheels. For added performance the body is vented to help prevent parachuting during jumps but is also reinforced with a molded roll-cage inner structure as well as thick outer reinforcements that prevent wear-through damage. Self-energizing body clips at all four corners keep the body secure without the need for unsightly body posts and cotter pins and the body is also held in place at the nerf bars for added security. Four body color options are available and feature color matched accents for a finished, refined appearance. Traxxas belted SC tires prevent ballooning at high speeds, maintaining control and eliminating the worry of tires de-beading due to expansion. An adjustable wheelie bar keeps the action under control without being visually intrusive and the interlocking skid plates combine to create a flat bottom for increased downforce.