New Product Release: Redcat Racing Ascent 18 1:18 Trail Truck

Redcat have left their Ascent LCG trail truck in the dryer for too long and out came this mini-sized, 1:18 Ascent! Many of the same features found on its larger stablemate are found here as well including portal axles, high-angle steering, a flat rail chassis, oil-filled shocks with aluminum caps, four-link suspension layout as well as Redcat’s multi-channel 2.4gHz radio system.

The chassis rails feature integrated shock towers front and rear as well as ample clearance for the axles at full bump. Two options are available for lower link placement while the upper shock mounts have seven options in the front and four choices in the rear. The chassis is anodized in a fade-into-the-background shade of black, adding to the scale appearance of this pint-sized performer. Metal links attach the axles to the chassis, while brass and machined aluminum options are offered as optional accessories directly from Redcat (each sold separately).

Portal axles add ground clearance and width to the vehicle as well as adding gear reduction that helps to reduce torque twist; a win-win-win situation! Unlike much of the competition the Ascent 18 does not have worm-drive axles meaning it has the ability to free-wheel, reducing drivetrain loss and increasing run time. Ball bearings support the all-metal axle gears, making for a smooth-running, durable drivetrain. Controlling said axles are the aforementioned oil-filled, coil over dampers with aluminum shock caps for an extra degree of durability.

A pinched and dovetailed classic pickup body shell gives the Ascent 18 its very distinct appearance while a forward flipping hinge allows for easy access to the chassis. Full body removal is simple as well with only a nudge forward needed to disengage the body from its hinge and remove it entirely. Three color options are available; red, blue and graphite, while aftermarket accessories are available in bronze or red for aluminum pieces and black for the brass options. Classic styled wheels compliment the body and are shod with 60mm tall, open lug off-road tires.

Rounding out the package is a complete selection of electronics including a 2-in-1 ESC/RX, 4-channel transmitter, 750mAh LiPO battery and even a USB charger; only (4)AA batteries are needed to go from retail box to the bedroom floor Moab trail.