New Product Release: JConcepts Fluid Holding Station

In the realm of “I didn’t know I needed that” products JConcepts may have put their name at the top of the list with the introduction of the new Fluid Holding Station. This molded silicon benchtop holder provides a secure home for various types of fluids used in the RC hobby such as CA, greases or oils and is available in three colors: brilliant blue, stealthy black or cool gray. The tiered bleacher design keeps the footprint small while maximizing visibility of each item. According to a representative from JConcepts “[the] smallest compartments are placed at the front for #8118 clear diff lube, #8152 gold grease, and #8121 red O-ring grease. The middle row is reserved for the larger containers, #8119 heavy metal grease and #8150 ghost gear grease. The final row places #2043M JConcepts medium glue, #8120 bronze bearing oil, and finally #8136 glue thread lock.” Each holder, JConcepts and RM2 product sold separately.