New Product Release: JConcepts Fling King’s and Golden 73’s 2.6″ MT Tires

New from the fast Floridians at JConcepts are the larger Fling Kings 73’s and Golden 73’s, each for 2.6″ MT wheels.

Following the success of the narrow “mega truck” 2.6″ Fling King’s JConcepts adapted the tread pattern for several other scales, one of which is the new 73’s variant for 2.6″ MT wheels. The deep V-tread tread pattern self-cleans efficiently, allowing the tire to dig into mud and soft terrain without packing with debris and becoming prohibitively heavy. Molded in the soft “blue” compound and supported by React open-cell foam inserts these tires measure in at 4.05″ wide and 6.7″ tall to emulate the look of the larger 73″ tall tires used in the early days of full-scale monster truck racing.

Following in the deep lug tracks of the Fling Kings 73’s are the Golden 73’s, a traditionally styed chevron tread pattern tire that emulates the Goodyear 73″ tires from the early 1980’s. These too are molded from the soft “blue” compound and are supported by React open cell foam inserts but measure a slightly larger 4.40″ tall and a true 7,3″ tall (1/10 scale 73″ tall). The overlapping center tread adds forward bite as well as lateral grip while the lug height is short enough to keep the tread from folding over.

Item #4064-01 Fling Kings 73’s

Item #4037-01 Golden 73’s