New Product Release: Pro-Line 1/4 Roost MX Paddle Tire, Mounted For ProMoto-MX

Losi’s ProMoto-MX took the RC world by storm in 2023 with its innovative technology that made it easier to operate than any RC motorcycle to date, its incredible scale detail and its raw power. Thanks to Pro-Line’s expertise in tire development drivers can now take their two-wheel thrills to the beach with the release of the new Roost 1/4 Paddle tire. This 9-paddle rear tire is molded in a durable compound to allow the tire to dig into soft sand without wearing quickly while also preventing paddle deflection. Inside the tire is a molded, closed cell foam insert for the ultimate in performance as well as moisture resistance while the wheel is from Pro-Line’s Supermoto wheel and tire set; a smaller diameter unit that more closely replicates an 18″ enduro wheel often used in sand applications. For best results Pro-Line includes a list of tips that will make your first sand-flinging excursion a success:

“A few tips for driving your Roost MX-equipped PROMOTO-MX in the dunes:

  • For the ultimate handling on sand, remove the side lean bars/wheels to keep the bike from digging in when leaning/steering.
  • Keep your speed up as much as possible to keep the bike floating across the sand!
  • Brush/shake out your chain after every battery pack to remove as much sand as possible
  • A knobby front tire is the best performing front tire as well as being the most scale.”

Item #PRO1023810 1/4 Roost Paddle Rear Tire, Mounted