New Product Release: JConcepts New Drag Wheel Options

New from the fine Floridian folks at JConcepts are these stylish new front and rear drag spec wheels for Mambos size (wide) rear SCT tires and standard 2.2″ fronts.

First up are the Starfish beadlock rear wheels in the new, wider Mambos width. The inner wheel attaches to the outer ring and is supported by inner ribs for increased wheel stability. The wheels are currently available in black with a matte face and the outer ring is held in place with only 6 button head fasteners, while the other holes are merely for symmetry and style. The wheel uses a 12mm hex for mounting and has an offset that fits most currently used Street Eliminator chassis.

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The Starfish is also available in a one-piece, non-beadlock design, seen here:

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JConcepts also has the matching fronts, in a one piece design, that fit standard 2.2″ front tires. The Starfish fronts also use a 12mm hexes and feature the JConcepts script molded into the outer lip.

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Up next are the Coil front and rear wheel designs. The rears are similar in construction to the one-piece Starfish, but with a forked spoke design. The fronts are also a forked five-spoke design with JConcepts lettering in the outer lip.


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Item #’s:
Rear Starfish wheels: 3408B
Front Starfish wheels: 3406B
Rear Starfish Beadlock wheels: 3415B

Coil Rear wheels: 3409B
Coil Front wheels:3407B


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