New Product Release: JConcepts SCX24 Body Options

Is your stock Axial SCX24 body looking a little haggard these days? Is it more scuff and scrape than lexan? JConcepts has three new options to get your rig looking factory fresh including a 1970 Chevrolet C10, a 1993 Ford F-150 and their own design, the JCI Creep. Each body is formed from clear, heavy-duty polycarbonate and include window masks and detail decals. Oversized fender wells are sized to fit many tire options already available for the 1/24 platform while maintaining each body’s distinct profile.

1970 Chevrolet C10 Body From JConcepts
1993 Ford F150 Body From JConcepts
JCI Creep Body in 1/24 For The Axial SCX24

1970 Chevrolet C10, Item #0445

1993 Ford F-150, Item #0447

1/24 Creep, Item #0454


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