New Product Release: Pro-Line 1/10 Class 1 Trencher Scale Crawler Tires

Tiny-tire aficionados now have a competition focused option for their rigs in Pro-Line’s new Class 1 Trencher 1.9″, available in either the G8 or Predator compounds. Like other Trencher models the Class 1 features overlapping tread bars that allow for better cleanout and increased traction on a variety of surfaces. The tread wraps onto the sidewall for added sidehill traction while multiple tread sipes allow the tire to conform to the terrain. Open cell foam inserts support the sidewalls and keep the tire at the class legal 4.19″ height.

Item #1020814 Class 1 Trencher 1.9″ G8

#1020803 Class 1 Trencher 1.9″ Predator