New Product Release: Pro-Line LP 2.8″ Tires

Pro-Line have announced a line of 2.8″ low-profile (LP) tires for 1:10 vehicles such as the Rustler and Rustler 4×4 (among other stadium trucks that use 2.8″ wheels). Patterned after some of PL’s most popular tires, the LP’s retain the look and performance of the larger tires in a smaller profile.

First up are the Trencher 2.8″ LP’s, made available in the M2 medium compound. These tires are 4.27″ in height and 2.21″ in width for improved side-to-side stability and the tread is over-sized for better wear resistance.

Up next are the Sand Paw 2.8″ LP tires for snow and sand use. Just like their larger siblings the LP’s have a split paddle design for the best combination of forward and lateral traction. The tires measure 4.49″ tall and 2.05″ wide and are molded in the M2 medium compound.

And last but not least, the Street Fighter 2.8″ LP. Designed for concrete and asphalt duty the Street Fighter provides a mix of high traction and low wear thanks to its aggressive tread design and soft-yet-durable rubber compound. These are the shortest tire of the trio at 4.07″ tall but keep their muscular looks with a wide footprint of 2.05″.

All three tires are sold in pairs, fit any standard 2.8″ wheel and include Pro-Line’s molded closed-cell foam inserts.