New Product Release: Pro-line Racing Hoosier Drag slicks for SC Trucks

New from the folks at Pro-line Racing are the officially licensed Hoosier drag slick tires for SC trucks converted for drag racing. The rears are standard 2.2/3.0″ SC size while the fronts are designed for 2.2″ buggy front wheels for the proper look. Both front and rear tires are available in the soft yet durable S3 compound or the more stable MC clay compound. Just like the 1:1 Hoosier drag tires the Pro-line versions proudly display the white script on the outside of the tire. The tires include Pro-line’s molded closed cell foam inserts and are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.

Item # 10157-17 MC (Clay) Rear Hoosier Drag Slicks
#10157-203 S3 (Soft) Rear Hoosier Drag Slicks
#10158-17 MC (Clay) Front Hoosier Drag Slicks
#10158-203 S3 (Soft) Front Hoosier Drag Slicks