New Product Release: Pro-Line RC Detail + Shine Spray

The term “it’ll buff out” after a crash comes to RC with Pro-Line’s new RC Detail and Shine Spray. Measuring in at a generous 18 ounces, the detail spray repels dust and restores the factory fresh look to your (RC) body without leaving a greasy film behind. In addition to cleaning, the spray leaves a micro-thin layer of UV protectant that conditions the surface while also creating a shield layer that repels dirt from sticking in the first place. In addition to its benefits for Lexan, the spray can be used to detail other plastics such as the chassis and suspension, restoring shine while also preventing excess dirt from collecting and weighing the vehicle down.

Please note: This item can ONLY ship via Ground shipping. No Air Mail or International Shipping is Available at this time.

Item# 6367–00


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