New Product Release: Redcat Racing RC-MT10E 1/10 4wd Monster Truck


The popular TR-MT10E is back with a new name and a lower price. Redcat Racing is re-releasing the platform with all of the familiar features that made it so popular the first time around.

Beginning with the electronics, the RC-MT10E includes a Hobbywing MAX10 waterproof brushless ESC, 550 sized 4400kv motor, a 25kg servo, and a 2.4gHz radio system. The motor and ESC are capable of handling up to 3s lipo and go-juice is fed to the ESC via a pre-installed T-Plug connector Holding the motor securely to the chassis is a machined aluminum motor mount to ensure the gear mesh remains set properly even during hard use. A single wheel wheelie bar resides in the rear of the truck to keep things in check when the throttle is stabbed too aggressively.

Following the power down the driveline finds reinforced tunable gear differentials at both ends, hardened steel driveshafts and a steel spur gear. The entire drivetrain spins on ball bearings for long-lasting efficiency. A low center of gravity molded plastic chassis serves as a home to all of the power as well as a foundation for the suspension.

Pillow ball style adjustable suspension smooths the ride thanks to oil-filled plastic body dampers. Shock mount location options are plenty at the shock tower as well as the suspension arm for fine tuning the damping rate. Toe as well as camber are also adjustable.

Complementing the bright green of the polycarbonate body is a heavy duty front bumper with three pre-installed LED’s while large monster truck tires pre-glued to black six-spoke wheels round out the aesthetic.