New Product Release: Pro-Line S5 Ultra Soft Compound 1/8 Buggy And 1/8 Truggy Tires

Pro-Line is expanding their line of tire compounds to include a new, ultra-soft option: the S5. This compound is softer and more able to lay down rubber on slick tracks than the S4 compound, meaning the track will groove-in quicker and traction will increase as the day goes on. This compound is effective in cooler temperatures and does not need several laps to come up to temp as firmer compounds often do. Each tread pattern will still offer the feel and grip that driver’s have come to expect and the same premium closed cell inserts are included with each pair.

Compounds this soft are tailored to indoor use as noted by the shallow tread patterns (a taller tread block would be squirmy and inconsistent as the pin would have less support). Buggy and truggy racers need not worry about longevity during those long mains as these tires do no fall off pace or become overly soft as the run goes on. Available in the Slide Lock, Hole Shot and Vandal tread patterns for 1/8 buggies and the Hole Shot 4.0 and Vandal 4.0 tread pattern for 1/8 truggies, this new compound is yet another tuning option for racers to consider when the track is smooth and slick.

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