New Product Release: Pro-Line Ultra Slim LED Light Bars, Curved or Straight

Pro-Line is expanding on its line of LED light bars with the introduction of the new ultra-slim 2″ and 4″ straight light bars as well the 5″ and 6″ curved units. Each kit includes the light bar itself, universal mounting brackets as well as the hardware to mount the assembly. The ultra-bright light bars are designed to run on 5v-12v power and can be plugged directly into an empty receiver port. For more output and to reduce load on the ESC’s BEC the light bars can be ran on their own battery (up to 3s power can be used). Finally, to help spread the light uniformly, each lens is of a dual focus design.

Pro-Line Ultra Slim 2″ LED Light Bar, Straight
Pro-Line Ultra Slim 4″ LED Light Bar, Straight
Pro-Line Ultra Slim 5″ LED Light Bar, Curved
Pro-Line Ultra-Slim 6″ LED Light Bar, Curved