New Product Release: Protoform 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Pro Mod Body For SC No Prep Chassis

For decades the C2 Corvette has been a popular choice for Pro Mod racers thanks to its slippery silhouette and diminutive frontal area. Protoform has captured the stunning beauty of the classic ‘Vette and has scaled it to fit popular SC No Prep chassis such as the Losi 22S, Associated DR10 and Traxxas Drag Slash. The low slung nose does little to disturb the air as it makes its way to the chopped windshield and slammed roofline. Very little of the rear window (or in this case, windows) remains, however what is there melts into the raised rear decklid and drag spoiler for a a slick, wedge-like profile. The rear quaterpanels have been raised significantly for added tire clearance.

Item# PRM158800