New Product Release: Pro-Line Sumo 313mm Wheelbase Crawler Body

Pro-Line’s compact crawler body, the Sumo, is back and bigger than ever! Unlike the original version the new incarnation is sized to fit many of today’s crawler chassis that utilize a 313mSmm wheelbase. This makes the truck larger than 1/10 scale technically as the full-size vehicle it is based on only has a 79.9″ wheelbase (which scales out 1:6.49 scale). The new body features an open trunk/half-cab design arrangement giving it a mini-pickup silhouette. Small fender flares widen the body at the wheel arches to partially cover the tires yet still maintain the narrow profile that the Sumo is famous for. Each body includes overspray film, a comprehensive decal sheet and window masks and is manufactured in the USA.

Item #PRO360900 1/10 Sumo 313mm Wheelbase Crawler Body

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