New Product Release: Reedy Zappers Competition DR Series HV LiPO Batteries

New from the electronics wizards at Reedy are these new Zappers DR series competition HV LiPO batteries. Reduced internal resistance combined with increased voltage capability add up to the performance advantage drag racers are looking for. The higher voltage cells excel even when a class restricted 8.44v (4.22v per cell) thanks to their flat discharge curve that retains performance even as the pack is drained. DR series cells have a nominal voltage of 3.8v allowing for a fully charged voltage of 4.35v per cell versus a standard LiPO pack that would top out at 4.2v per cell. Available in several different configurations as well as soft and hard case variants the DR series of batteries may be just the ticket to take your racing program to the next level.

Reedy has provided a quick reference chart highlighting each of the DR series packs currently available:

Model Number27373273742737527376
Voltage7.6V (2S)7.6V (2S)7.6V (2S)7.6V (2S)
Dimensions (mm)139x47x22.596x47x25.1142x49x22.5101x48x37.5
Configuration2S2P hard2S2P hard2S2P soft2S2P soft
Discharge Current130C130C130C130C
Weight (g)270225280320
Plugs5mm socket5mm socket10 AWG/XT-9010 AWG/XT-90


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