New Product Release: RPM Crash Structure/Radiator For The Losi ProMoto

Losi’s segment defining ProMoto off-road motorcycle has been a massive hit with drivers looking for something different and has proven to be fairly durable, considering what it is. Nonetheless, RPM has released their first upgrade for the bike in the form of a crash structure for the front “down tubes” (if it had any) of the chassis that also doubles as radiator detailing. RPM’s engineers found that this area is the most prone to breakage and increased their part’s strength with the addition of full length ribs that mimic the air scoops on full-scale dirt bikes which help deflect debris from the radiator as well as directing cooling air through it. While the ProMoto doesn’t actually have a need for a functioning radiator, the scale detail does improve the appearance when viewed from the front while also adding a bit of that famous RPM reliability. The crash structure is available in black or dyeable while which can be easily dyed to match the color scheme of your bike. Like all RPM products the ProMoto crash structure was designed and manufactured in the United States and thanks to its proprietary blend of engineering grade nylons carries a limited lifetime warranty.

Item #72201 White Dyeable Crash Structure

#72202 Black Crash Structure